Spirituality Committee

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Our own St. Catharine’s Church dome, with its eight-sided lantern and arch-headed windows, is designed to be our own fiery beacon for the faithful.


The mission of the Spirituality Committee is, through prayer and discussion, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to generate a forum for actions and programs to assist the parishioners and ministers of St Catharine-St Margaret parish, to develop and sustain an enhanced knowledge and love of God in our parish life.

Fire of Faith is the name we have given to our organization and its efforts. The name derives from scripture, which associates fire with spreading God’s message, and God’s illuminating, warming  and purifying presence. In Exodus 3:2 “..angel of the Lord appeared to him [Moses] in flames of fire from within a bush.” In Acts 2:3, at Pentecost, “..tongues, as of fire, …rested on each of them,” as depicted in the dome of St. Catharine’s church. 

St C Dome Inside

Pastor Talks 2023


To learn about this and other programs and opportunities for Spiritual growth we are offering, please go to our EVENTS page.